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The following Procedures are Performed in the Office:

Scalings and Root Planing
Also known as a deep cleaning (phase I), scalings and root planing is used to remove plaque, calculus, and bacterial endotoxins. By doing this procedure, you eliminate bleeding, inflammation, pocket infection and heal periodontal lesions.

Osseous Surgery
Phase II treatment- an extremely precise and accurate surgical technique. In this procedure the gum is flapped open, and diseased tissue (granulation tissue) is removed. Usual quadrant approach procedures take about one hour, is painless under local anesthesia, and patients return to their normal activities within 24 – 48 hours

Osseous Integrated Implants
In this procedure, the bone is prepared surgically and a titanium screw (implant) is placed replacing the lost root structure. This prepares the site for a single tooth or fixed bridge.

Osseous Integrated Implants
In this procedure, the edentulous bone is prepared surgically and a titanium screw (implant) is placed replacing the lost root structure. This prepares the site for a single crown over the implant or fixed bridge.

Mucogingival Grafts
– For Recession and Esthetics Purposes
(Both Connective & Free Gingival Grafts)
These grafts are used to create more areas of thick attached gingiva. A plastic surgery procedure to improve esthetics and avoid tooth loss.

Partial or complete removal of the frenum, including repositioning of fibers to underlying bone. This procedure creates a zone of new attached gingiva for esthetic and orthodontic treatment purposes.

Biopsy – Soft and Hard Tissue
A biopsy is used to identify and clarify any troublesome gingival tissue and bone area(s) also to diagnose ulcers and unusual growth pathologies.

Bone Augmentation
This procedure occupies a space and helps regenerate bone previously lost by disease activity, accident or in preparation for implants replacing teeth.

Crown Lengthening of Teeth
Increases the size of the clinical crown of the tooth in order to provide adequate retentive requirements for full crown restorations. Also for esthetic purposes to increase tooth size and reduce “Gummy Smiles”

Distal Teeth Wedges
A type of incision to reduce pocket depth in areas of difficult access in posterior segments of the mouth.

Guided Tissue Regeneration (Membranes)
Most cases are combined with bone grafting materials during surgery stimulating new
bone growth.

Periodontal Maintenance Recalls
Also known as periodontal maintenance, usually recommended every 3 to 4 months varying with each case. Helps prevent periodontal disease from returning. This procedure is implemented after periodontal Phase I scalings and/or Phase II periodontal surgery treatment is completed. All patients are checked by the doctor at the end of the appointment.

Full Mouth X-rays
Are requested or taken prior to any periodontal or oral surgery procedures and for insurance purposes.

Panoramic X-rays
Available for maxillary and mandibular diagnosis and treatment, as well as for insurance purposes.

Sinus Bone Graft Augmentation
- for dental implants
Regenerates lack of maxillary posterior bone over a period of time in preparation for dental implants re-placement of lost teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions and Exposure of Teeth for Braces.

Oral and Conscious Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Analgesia and IV Sedation for impacted wisdom teeth, periodontal oral surgery surgical procedures and apprehensive patients – (In-house anesthesiologist)