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WELCOME to our Office
With over 25 years of excellent service,
we are happy to give you the best in
periodontal/oral surgery treatment and care.
Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday 9am - 7pm;
Friday 9am - 1pm

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What to expect upon making an appointment:

When you come to your initial visit, you will sign in and notify the front desk. You will be greeted and handed a clipboard with new patient forms for you to complete. Please fill out all documents and sign where needed. Please do not forget to fill out your full address, email, along with referring doctor’s x-ray and notes. Once the insurance is confirmed, you will be seated in an exam room by the doctor’s assistant. If an x-ray is not available, one will need to be taken for a complete examination. The doctor will come in, introduce himself and speak to you regarding why you have been referred or why you decide to visit. Probing measurements will then be taken. These measurements are taken to see if there is any attachment loss or loss of tooth supporting tissue. These measurements are not painful and are done quickly. When the Doctor completes the examination, he will explain to you the treatment options. The Doctor will then ask the treatment coordinator to explain cost involved, your insurance benefits as of the visit (which are not a guarantee of benefits until the claim is processed) and payment option available.