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What is Periodontal Disease? A dental disease involving bone loss, pockets and recession of the gums. Symptoms include inflammation, bleeding when brushing, loosening teeth and spaces between teeth.

What is gingivitis? Inflammation limited to the gingivae which can be reversed with early periodontal diagnosis and treatment.

What is Periodontitis? A bacterial immunological and hereditary dento-gingival disease. Periodontitis is characterized by pocket formation and bone loss.

What is the regular order of procedures to treat the disease? Periodontal therapy treatment depends on the patient’s initial clinical and radiographic diagnosis. A new patient evaluation including medical dental history, initial full mouth scale and re-evaluation to determine periodontal surgery with osseous grafting regeneration.

Can I go back to work after my surgery? You can return to work usually within 12 to 24 hours after the procedure with minimal physical limitations or restrictions.

How long after surgery can I eat solid foods again? Soft foods and cold drinks usually for the first
24 hours.

How long after surgery can I brush my teeth again? Brushing resumes 12 to 24 hours after treatment unless advised other wise by the doctor.

Should I worry if the surgical paste falls off? It is normal for the protective surgical paste to fall after approximately 12 to 24 hours. If the paste falls off before then, it is also normal, except if bleeding occurs. In this case, please contact our office.

Should I put cold or warm compresses on my face after surgery? After the surgery you must apply ice every 20 minutes on and off to the area where the surgery took place. After 24 hours if there is some inflammation present warm compresses should be applied every 20-30 minutes.

FYI: Most questions will be answered by the Doctor and you will be handed an “after surgery patient instruction form”.